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Located in Jalandhar, Cardionava Hospital is one of the most unconventional private hospitals in Punjab with professional doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. Cardionova Hospital provides 24 hour, superlative acute care services.

The Hospital is centrally air conditioned and built artistically to provide a milieu of convalescence.

Why Cardionova?

The hospital is conceived to provide specially devised patient care and recuperation. It prides itself on a lock, stock and barrel infection safegaurd & control programme,spotlighting the hospital's allegiance to being the highest-grade and unassailable provider of vital care services.

The ideology in Cardionova Hospital is a synergetic modus operandi where warmth and care are delivered through touch, a kind act, through adroit clinical involvement or through paying attention and seeking to understand the others insight. The credo is relationship-based with its restorative presence, where patients are treated primarily as individuals with individual needs.

The fringe benefit for patients is that they can access it easily, thereby curtailing travel and any distress.

Cardionova is

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