Department of Radiology

Radiology in CIMS

Radiology is a department that needs extensive concern and experience. At Cardionova, the radiology department is bestowing all services to match with the imaging and scanning for any part. It needs great specialization and services required for satisfying the X-ray essentials of the patients. This department is digitalized with the latest imaging technologies that offer amazing precision without making any delays. CIMS also understands the major purpose of imaging, which is vital for analysing and preceding with treatments. Therefore, we aim to provide accurate imaging services without any confusions.


A team of experts

CIMS is renowned for having radiologists who are experts in making skilful interpretations that proves to be the beginning of any medical procedure. Also, these radiologists are highly experienced in using each and every equipment. They are implementing the latest imaging trends in the department of radiology. Their expertise in utilizing these techniques in a safe manner will instill trust in the patients. The specialists use the equipment in such a way that gives patients comfort and security.

The radiology department of CIMS can be utilized in case of both regular and emergency imaging requirements. They are specialized in providing radiology and imaging services with CT Scans, Ultra Sound scans, Digital X-Rays and peripheral Doppler. Here are some of the distinctive features of these types of radiology services.

  • CT scan is called as the Computed Topography scan that is used for observing the cross-sectional images of the entire body. This also includes blood vessels, tissues and bones.
  • The Ultrasound scans are essential for obtaining clear images of the parts inside the body.
  • Peripheral Doppler utilizes sound waves of a high frequency that measures the blood flow in veins and arteries.
  • Digital X-Rays is the process of using digital sensors for producing enhanced image quality very quickly.


All radiology services like these are carried out with increased precision in CIMS.  



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