Department of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutrition and good health is the primary concern for all of us. Eating the healthy food at the right time reduces the vulnerability for diseases. At Cardionova, the Nutrition and Dietetics department is aiming to lay the foundation for this aspect of life. We are doing this as a service to the entire community. Our services are offered for the in-patients, out-patients and to the other surrounding communities.

  • We provide exclusive nutrition tips and diet charts according to the medical needs of a patient.
  • We do make many awareness programs, lectures for nurturing their health in the coming days.
  • The dieticians make a complete analysis of the patient's medical and nutrition history.
  • After that, they prepare customized nutrition plans.

Our dieticians give therapeutic diets for patients. Patients having health challenges like diabetics, low salt, high protein content, obesity receives intensive care. Their diets are maintained separately so that they recover soon from their illness. At CIMS we have nutrition specialists who give private counselling to the desired patients or when it is prescribed by the doctors. They help patients regulate their lifestyle and stay healthy.

We reach out to the surrounding communities for imparting general nutrition facts. Our dieticians conduct various programs for women, school children, elderly people, corporations and support groups. This makes them aware of the necessity to maintain a balanced diet. Many presentations and posters are displayed on occasions like Diabetics Day, Nutrition Week or Children's Day.

Apart from this we also give food services to visitors, staffs, guests and patients. These food service staffs are concerned with providing nutritious food for all. They maintain an exclusive list of the prescribed foods for each patient. They also make sure to give them the right diet on time. All the foods are prepared in the neat atmosphere to maintain the hygiene of patients and visitors.  



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