Department of Clinical Laboratory

The clinical laboratory of Cardionova is fully equipped with auto analysers and integrated systems to analyse every patient's samples. This laboratory is one of its kind in the city that has access to multiple departments. These departments range for both regular and special diagnosis, they are:

  • Hematology
  • Histopathology
  • Cytogenesis
  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular Genetics
  • Microbiology or Serology


The Microbiology/Serology labs receive the maximum samples in one day. The fully automated labs make low turnaround time possible. All tests and diagnosis are done with maximum accuracy along with the latest microbiological laboratories.

The pathology department in CIMS makes sure to control and the infections spread in a hospital environment. Apart from accurate diagnosis, the clinical staffs and physicians receive the required consultancy services. Also, the laboratory is having experienced pathologists and technicians who are skilled to operate the latest testing equipment.


Care with patience

CIMS also has a multidisciplinary team that is trained to handle the patients who need regular attention and checking. They support and take extra care in circumstances like hypertension/hypotension, acute renal failure, respiratory compromises and even during the post-surgery hours. These situations require patience and intensive panic control methods. The ICU too needs complete cooperation, teamwork and accuracy. CIMS with the most advanced technologies and the potential medical area is capable of bringing the best specialists together. Therefore we are able to provide effective treatments even to the patients in critical condition.

CIMS comprehends the necessity for medical emergencies in India. So we have a separate unit with skilled doctors, staff nurses and the essential paramedics. The number of emergencies cases are increasing in Trauma, Gynaecological, Surgical and Paediatrics. CIMS has confronted with all emergency cases with immense caution and care. Emergencies may occur anytime in a hospital and it is the duty of the specialists to take up every case with total attention. Hence, CIMS gives services and critical care to all cases 24/7.  



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