Emergency Service

The time of Emergency when a patient is rushed into the hospital is very crucial. As it is during these few moments that the care and treatment given to the patients can help cross the thin line between life and death. This is the reason why the Emergency Department at Cardionova Institute of Medical Sciences is fortified with a team of experienced and knowledgeable doctors available each day of the year to help patients at their hour of need.

The Department of Emergency at Cardionova Institute of Medical Sciences is equipped with many ambulances that have oxygen cylinders, life – saving drugs and qualified paramedics who are trained to provide their assistance in any kind of emergency. Victims of different accidents are picked up right from the spot and their treatment starts immediately. One of the biggest speciality of our Emergency Department is that we have ambulances on the round for 24 hours.

Some of the services available at the Department of Emergency at Cardionova Institute of Medical Sciences include:

A Triage Room: - Triage Room: At peak times, when many patients are rushed into the emergency room all at the same time, then those with critical medical conditions are given first priority.

Resuscitation Room: Patients who are undergoing life-threatening complications are taken care of in the resuscitation room. There is a team of specialized doctors under their guidance to give the best care and support. The room is equipped with a variety of apparatus such as monitors, defibrillators and ventilators for the finest treatment.

Back-up Support: The Emergency Department at the Cardionova Institute of Medical Sciences is equipped with round the clock biochemistry lab for diagnosis and imaging services required for emergency operation theatres.

Specialist Doctors: There is a team of well – experienced and diligent doctors available 24 hours to take care of any kind of emergency that might arrive.



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