Department of Preventive Health Checkup

Our healthcare and entire routines have come to a very unmanageable format and halt. On a general note, most of the people don't get enough time to invest in physical activities. And the result which is most obvious is cardiac diseases, mental issues, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, backbone issues. In order to prevent almost every such possibility, it is very important for each and every individual to get proper health care checkup within one or two months (time may also vary as per the individual health). Regular health checkups are even recommended by most of the professional doctors so that you can easily overcome the growing health issues. You can absolutely rely upon the healthcare routines that Cardionova follows. Along with the treatment procedurals we also recommend our patients to follow the basic guidelines and lead a healthy life.

Before you make up your mind for a checkup, just make sure you go through the below-mentioned suggestions-

  • Wear light clothes.
  • Do not wear any heavy jewellery or other metallic ornaments.
  • Avoid the intake of food, minimum 10 hours before you come for the checkup.
  • Come along with your caretaker or someone close to you.
  • Before the checkup begins, inform your doctor about your basic health.
  • Neglect the intake of alcohol and don’t smoke up to one day before you come for a checkup.

With the regular health checkup, you might be able to detect any of the health issues that might be just at the initial stage. Hence, you can absolutely trust our preventive tests and all the healthcare programs, as they will allow your body to detect the things as it is. Don't think much and book your appointment in order to get the best consultancy and proper healthcare. Soon after the checkup, you may get the reports by the next day.



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